Learn how to shop smarter not harder. 

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars every week at the grocery store and still struggling to come up with dinner ideas? Do you wish you had the key to buying good quality food for less? Do you think it is impossible to eat organic on a budget? Well no more, let me introduce you to The Grocery Budget Overhaul. The little ebook that is going to save you BIG. 

The Grocery Budget Overhaul is packed full of easy to follow strategies and systems that I have been using for years. They are all specifically designed to save you the most money every single time you visit the grocery store. 

Now you can transform your grocery budget so you have more money for those monthly bills that always seem to be more than your paycheck. Extra savings means one step closer to a debt free household. 

Inside You'll Learn:

My step by step plan that has saved our family thousands every year on our grocery budget. 

My top insider tips, secrets and awesome tricks that are designed to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

A tried and true game plan from the kitchen to the store and onto your table. Delicious fresh quality food for a fraction of the cost. 

"Tracy Lynn's approach to grocery shopping is just that: simple. Her down-to-earth ways are encouraging, effective, and motivating, with a little humor thrown in for good measure." Edna, reader and mom of two. 

the grocery budget cookbook

So, what's inside this little beauty?

~9 chapters each focusing on a different money saving technique. I go into detail exactly how we make each tip work for our family so you can do the same for yours.

~A bonus section to help you put all your new tips together into one money saving plan. 

~A convenient check-list so you can create your system step by step ensuring you get the maximum savings.

~Grocery shopping hacks to save you big in the store! 

~No fluff kids! I know your time is valuable so I worked hard to make sure this ebook is power packed from the start. Get in, get out and SAVE!

"Tracy Lynn's ebook on overhauling your grocery budget is chockful of helpful tips and information. How much time do you spend clipping coupons? Do you even find coupons to make it worth your time? Tracy has a solution for you. Even if you think you know all there is to know about being frugal on groceries this is a great read. You WILL learn something new." Michelle is a stay at home Mom to a teenage daughter, wife to a terrific husband while also a homesteader, gardener, crafter, & a 4-H leader for a crafting club. She's also a freelance virtual assistant at mdh-services.com.

Hi, I'm Tracy Lynn and the founder of Simple Living Country Gal where you will find simple tips for simple living. For years I struggled to save money at the grocery store and when my husband lost his job I knew something had to change. I read all the books talked to tons of people and came up with a game plan that has saved our family thousands of dollars every single year. Today I help families just like yours learn how to shop smarter and save crazy money! Now you too can learn my system, insider tips and how you can easily implement them in your own life. I am so glad you are here. Great ready to save! Tracy Lynn