Are you ready to add goats to your homestead?

The Getting started with Dairy Goat Guide will help you to get your setup ready before you bring your goats home.

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Here's what you'll get inside this FREE guide: 

  • A checklist of supplies that your goats will need before you bring them home.  
  • Milking tools to have on hand and how to create a setup that is clean and easy to use.
  • Health issues to keep an eye out for.
  • General goat care to put on your goat care schedule.

I can't wait to help you add dairy goats to your homestead!

Years ago I was so excited to start raising goats, dairy goats to be exact and before long my 2 little goats turned into an entire herd.

Starting anything new can be overwhelming. This guide will help you with the basics so you can feel more confident before you bring those first goats home.

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